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Today, Jonathan from the team at ShopMarketingApps is reviewing Content Gorilla 2.0. It is an upgrade on the 1.0 Content Gorilla and what it does is it helps you to write blog posts and create blog posts from Youtube videos.

It works very well for your own Youtube videos and websites, so that it helps you to rank higher on Google, Youtube, and other search engines. If this is something you’d be interested in having a look at then, stick around, and read the rest of the review, check our bonus page, the bonuses, and take advantage of our exclusive ShopMarketingApps deal.

Our bonus package has 10 bonuses, you can see all of them here, and join Content Gorilla 2.0 if you are in a hurry. Let’s have a look at what this is all about, to generate instant traffic. Convert your Youtube video into a fully formatted blog post and auto syndicate to social media in less than 60 seconds, so this cloud-based software does all of that. For you, okay, let’s go down! That’s the product! There there was a Content Gorilla 1.0. This is the upgrade on that, so it does a lot more than that one did so it means definitely great value for money. Let’s go down cloud-based app as I said that converts any Youtube video into a fully formatted blog post in 60 seconds and a built-in scheduler helps put out targeted content to different social media sites.

Content Gorilla product picture

All right, let’s get down, what is included. Are you getting a multi-publishing at a time with one click? That’s new. You get punctuator included, which is new. You get post archive which is new. These are all new things on the new upgrade the 2.0. Then you get integration with all the different social media platforms. That’s new and create an image for posting. That’s new internal, linking that’s new advanced search, quick convert, create content in over 105 languages; auto, add relevant images, built-in content, spinner built-in grammar correction, fetch feature images, video tags to post tags bonus.

You also get a course on building a WordPress website from scratch and it works best with Content Gorilla. Alright, guys, let’s go and have a look quickly at the members area.

Content Gorilla product demo

Alright, so guys here we are in the members’ area and you can see Content Gorilla and all you need to do is once you’ve uploaded your information. You would come and search any URL all right. So what I’m going to put in here is “make money online” but I could do anything else. If you leave it like that, it gives you a couple of suggestions, so you can sit, you can click one of those or not, and then your relevance would be relevance most relevant most recent most viewed and then you can go for ones that have got creative Common licenses or any license, and then press search and what it does is it comes up with videos that I’ve got to make money online got to do with that and you come down.

Let’s find one that anyone let’s go to this one over here, you go create a post. So what it does then is it turns everything into text. You can then add punctuation, you can add images or you can spin the content and once you’re done with everything, if you go down to the bottom, it also has another feature which is great, which is the correct grammar. So you can correct all of the grammar and then you upload it to the different social platforms and, as they say, bob’s your uncle.

You have a blog post. Yuppie!!!

As you know, they say that content is king, so your content on your websites or your content on your youtube video determines your ranking on both youtube and google, so guys try and stick to good content, good punctuation, etc. And this does it all for you all right guys. So, let’s get back to my fantastic awesome, bonus page if you’d be interested in this product, all you need to do is you need to click that link that you see here and that will bring you to this bonus page on this bonus page.

ShopMarketingApps bonus page for Content Gorilla

Here you can find all the bonuses you will receive along with the purchase of Content Gorilla 2.0 as an exclusive ShopMarketingApps deal.

Click the orange tabs on our bonus page to be directed to the sale page & purchase Content Gorilla as an exclusive ShopMarketingApps deal

Once you click the orange tabs (there are three on the page) you will be taken to a small optin page asking for your name & e-mail address, so we can better assist you with your purchase & future updates from ShopMarketing Apps …

Before arriving on the sales page from the bonus page will kindly ask to give us your name & email so that we can update you in the future!

… and then you will be taken to the sales page that looks like that, where you can purchase your license of Content Gorilla. Don’t forget, after the purchase to e-mail us at to receive your awesome bonuses from ShopMarketingapps.

The sales page preview for Content Gorilla

Let’s go and have a look at what the bonuses are. There are a lot, so just bear with me.

Bonus #1 – Content repurpose guide

When you repurpose your content, you can yield more output with the same amount of input, while maintaining quality. This saves you time so that you can work on new marketing ideas and attend to other aspects of your business. This guide will show you how easy is to create endless content.

Content repurpose guide – bonus for Content Gorilla

Bonus #2 – How to create a killer title
It’s all about the headline. It may sound repetitive, but headlines do make a difference whether your content gets read or not. An Unworthy headline generated 59 times more views and engagement than another one. Learn how to write killer titles with this training.

How to create a killer title – bonus for Content Gorilla

Bonus #3 – Keyword Swarm

Increase your conversions & boost your revenues by studying your site visitors in real-time as they browse your WordPress posts! This WP Plugins comes packed with 23 exciting features and will give you tons of demographic data about your site visitors.

Keyword swarm – bonus for Content Gorilla

Bonus #4 My Blog Announcer

Software that automatically pings blog search engines to get your blogs indexed much faster in the search engines. Just add your blog URLs and then add or remove ping services (the program comes pre-loaded with several services). Whenever you update your blog content, the program will automatically run all blogs to all ping services with the click of a button.

My blog announcer – bonus for Content Gorilla

Bonus #5 My Ad Rotator

Software that rotates custom text ads on an unlimited number of web pages.Simply pop in your ads to the tool and you instantly get the code for you to insert exactly where you want your ads to appear on your web pages. You then get ads that are likely to generate you far more revenue than you earn with random network ads.

My ad rotator – bonus for Content Gorilla

Bonus #6 Copywriting Automator

Discover this incredible robot copywriting tool that builds your sales converting web pages just by filling in the blanks in minutes.

Copywriting Automator – bonus for Content Gorilla

Bonus #7 – My Article Submitter

Now You Can Drive Insane Traffic To Your Web Site Using The Magic of Article Submission – and it all happens practically on autopilot! Article Submitter is the Fastest and Easiest way to get your articles posted on hundreds of article directories without spending hours and hours on the manual labor of doing so!

My article submitter – bonus for Content Gorilla

Bonus #8 – Blogging Paycheck

Blogging Paycheck is the complete step-by-step system for monetizing your blog to generate MULTIPLE passive income streams! You Get 10 Complete Video Modules + Plug-N-Play List Building System…

Blogging paycheck – bonus for Content Gorilla

Bonus #9 – Dominate Youtube

Discover How YOU Can Generate Income From YouTube Today! This Guide Will Show You How To Start Earning Money Directly Through YouTube Videos, You Don’t Even Need Any Previous Experience!

Dominate Youtube – bonus for Content Gorilla

Bonus #10 – Content Engine Library

Find content from the HOTTEST niches without writing a single word!
The content engine comes with a library of 80,000 content pieces from all the HOT niches. You can convert this content into engaging voiceovers, and use the content for your blog posts, videos, and emails to get traffic, leads and sales!

Content engine library – bonus for Content Gorilla

As I said three different things that people are doing at the moment, they’re writing themselves their blogs. They got hire ghostwriters or user software and these don’t seem to be working because if you write it yourself, it takes a lot of hours. Out of your day. If you hire a ghostwriter, then that costs you a lot of money, and if you use a software, then sometimes your content ends up being like a machine has written it, and whereas this product actually does all the punctuation et cetera for you all right guys. So you guys can come and have a look at it at your leisure. So what I’m going to do now, guys I’m going to let you watch the demo, video for content guerrilla 2.0 and when you come back, then we’ll talk about pricing and up sales.

Content Gorilla Demo

Now, 18 months ago, when we first came out with Content Gorilla, our goal was simple: we just wanted to make content creation fast and easy for an average user, and 18 months later, with the feedback of over 3 600 users the goal is a reality. We have developed much more on this idea and have a lot of new features now, basically, what content gorilla does is it allows you to convert Youtube videos into text format that you can then publish onto your WordPress website, so you can even download it in text or pdf format and publish it whatever you want.

However, you want there are basically no limits to that and since the content is coming from Youtube videos there’s a very good chance that it’s completely unique and it doesn’t have any copies on the web. And the thing is that the Youtube database is ever-growing with thousands of videos uploaded daily, so you will probably never run out of content to publish, so that’s pretty much what content gorilla can do now without further ado. Let me dive in and show you exactly how content gorilla works.

It’s actually very simple to use. Once you have added your website and edit your api keys, what you have to do is have you can come here on our search bar on the main dashboard and you can simply search for whatever kind of video you’re looking for so let’s say that I have a review blog and I want to review something. Let’s say I want to review a solid-state, hard drive, so I’m just going to go ahead and type in the keyword, and it’s also going to give me search suggestions because that’s what we do right. We make sure that users don’t run out of content ideas. So content really will also show you a lot of different search suggestions. These come straight from Google, so you can be assured that these are the kind of keywords that are going to get you a high amount of that are basically being searched a lot right. Then you can order the videos either by relevance, recency of views and then you can define if you want videos with any license or you just want creative common videos. Now, once you have defined that you can simply go ahead and click on the search button. Now, the content engine will basically bring all the videos that contain closed captions that we can work with.

Once you have this, you can go ahead and preview the video to make sure the content is up to your bar, and once you have selected your video, it’s just as simple as hitting the create post button. That’s all you have to do. Content gorilla will automatically convert this entire thing into a perfectly created piece of content and you’re, now ready to publish this on to your WordPress blog. You can obviously go ahead and make any edits and changes that you might want to make. We also have some pretty cool features that allow you to automatically add punctuations. So there are some scenarios where the videos don’t have punctuations in things like commas, question marks, and full stop, so you can simply use our add punctuation feature and it’s basically gonna find every place where there’s supposed to be punctuation and it’s automatically gonna add in the punctuation, you can also add images from our library of images. You can simply go ahead, drag and drop this, and it’s going to get added in to your post. That’s how easy it is, and once you have your piece of content ready once you’re ready to publish, you can just simply go ahead and publish it.

Something else very useful is that it is available a read more link, which is basically us internal, linking your site to more content. This way, you can really reduce your bounce rate, and you can just keep your users engaged on your site. Besides that, we also have a grammar correction feature.

What what this does is it allows you to fix any sort of grammar errors they might be inside the content. There’s going to be a full breakdown of the features somewhere on this page, so you can just scroll below for that, but I’m just going to give you a quickly quick overview and show you exactly how publishing works now, once you have your piece of content ready. You can simply go ahead and select your feature image by default. What we do is we fetch the thumbnail image from youtube and add that so, when this is published, this is going to be your featured image on your blogs. Then we have tags now. What tags do is they notify search engines to list your content. For these particular keywords, we already fetch tags from youtube itself and since these are high ranked youtube videos which are basically displayed for these particular keywords, there’s a very good chance for the tags to be the best ones. These post tags are going to be very related to the kind of content that you’re going to be publishing and what that means is you’re going to be getting much higher rankings than google. You can obviously go ahead and add commas and add more of your own tags and all, and once you’re done with that, you can move on to the syndication feature, which is personally something I love.

What the syndication feature does. It allows you to syndicate your content onto your social media channels in just one click. So as soon as you publish your content onto your blog, what’s gonna happen, is it’s automatically going to publish that content onto your social media sites as well. Basically, you can change the content that goes on these posts, so you could make it say something like check out my new post, then uh, something pretty cool that we have also done is that we have given you a very new feature that allows you to create custom images, so you can select, you know, a pre-made background for you and you can simply say you can. You know, make it say pretty much anything that you want and once you click on the add image button, this image automatically gets added now. As of this moment, we’re currently adding much more background templates and colors and all that stuff. So, by the time that you’re going to be getting access to Content Gorilla, you will see much more than what i am seeing right now and besides that, we also have the thumbnail image which we fetched from the Youtube video. If you wish to post that you can, if you don’t simply delete it, then you can basically select all the Facebook pages. Twitter accounts or Linkedin that you have already integrated inside content gorilla and you can define whether or if you want to include the post link and once started is all defined.

You can come over. Select your website to select the post status. You can select the categories you want to publish it onto and you can define whether you want to include the feature image or not, and you can also include the video inside the post if you want to, if you don’t just leave this box unchecked now another Feature that is basically a universal feature and I’m going to go into the settings and show you that here is the attribution text feature now. What this does is it allows you to give attribution back to the original owner and what basically happens is this particular text? It’s going to be linked with the video’s original URL. So, and this way you can, you know really play it, play it on the safe side and you know don’t have anything to worry about in terms of copyright, so you can enable this change the text. If you want – and you know once you’re ready – you can just go ahead and publish it, so I’m gonna do that right now and in the meantime, let me go ahead and open up my Facebook pages and Twitter and LinkedIn accounts as well. So I’m just gonna show you how this indication worked, I’m just going to give it a second to publish the post and now that it’s been published, we can go and check all of our things.

So, firstly, I’m going to reload the site to see how it looks on the main site. As you can see, we have our post right here. Let’s go ahead and preview it and it looks exactly the way we created it. So that’s perfect and now, as you can see here, we have the read more tag. This is basically linked to another post on our blog, so this keeps the user glued to your website and helps reduce the bounce rate, which is a very big factor that Google uses in terms of ranking your content. Besides that, as you can see, we have found on the Youtube link and it’s linked to the original video, so you have now given attribution to the original owner as well. How cool is that right now, let’s go ahead and check our social media pages, so I’m just going to quickly reload this one and, as you can see, we have our post published with the exact image that we created and we have the link to our post. Now, let’s go ahead and check Twitter as well here, as you can see it just popped up and it’s published: let’s go ahead and check LinkedIn as well and on LinkedIn, we integrate with your own profiles as well as your company profiles as well.

So you can publish on either of those as you can see it’s. It has been published here as well. So let’s go ahead and take a look. Yep, absolutely awesome! So that’s you know just kind of how Content Gorilla works. There are many more features that if I go into detail in this article, it’s going to get very long, so there’s going to be a complete breakdown on this. This page on the page you’re currently on so make sure you check out everything, that’s included in your Content Gorilla account again we’re barely scratching the surface. With this feature, what I’ve just shown you is the most basic level of Content Gorilla, and this is going to be a detailed breakdown of every feature that is included in your account today, when you scroll below, I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Check here our bonus page!

I’m sure you’ll agree that this looks like a fantastic product, so so on the front end guys you’re looking at a monthly payment of $19.95 or a one-time payment of $37. So I think it makes a hell of a lot more sense just to pay a one-time payment and be done with it. The upsell number one gives you access to Content Gorilla, unlimited yearly, that’s at 67 use on unlimited websites. You own unlimited, integrations internal linking, channel scheduler, to automate your content creation, publish long-form, high authority content, syndicate content on 50 plus social media platforms. Upsell number two is Content Gorilla 2.0 done for you blogs. That’s at $197 dollars. You get 10 done for you blogs! You get one-click simple, install to any new WordPress site. You get fully compatible with any modern WordPress plugins easy to download and manage to upsell number three.

You get Content Gorilla 2.0 agency, 50 accounts at 147 or 250 accounts at 497, add from 50 to 250 clients ability to add edit delete new users, give basic accounts to clients, access to the full management panel. Access to new agency features charge. Whatever price you want, get paid affiliate commissions on recommending pro account, then upsell number four is the training on the 21-day recurring machine, that’s at 37, step by step 21 day plan to generate a recurring income online, special emphasis on automated content and social media marketing collection of Videos and text and checklists daily homework provided within the course previously sold for ninety-seven dollars and you will be paying thirty-seven dollars a whole lot of key features here, guys uh multi-publishing at a time with one click you can go through this, I’m not Going to go through all of it punctuated, included, post archive and archive an archive of all the posts that have gone into your sites integrations that that’s integrations to the social media platforms, create an image for posting internal.

Linking channel scheduler convert any youtube video into a fully formatted WordPress blog post, auto images, built-in one-click, spinner, built-in one-click grammar correction, video tags to post tags.

Conversion advanced search allows you to fetch all videos from youtube channels and or playlists, and you got a bulk poster as well. That gives you the ability to create instantly or schedule up to 10 posts for up to 10 days. Remember as well guys that you do get the awesome 30 day, money back guarantee. So if, for some reason, this doesn’t work for you, you’ve got 30 days to try it out test it, and if it doesn’t work, you can claim your money back so guys go and have a look at the other products out there. This is a fantastic product which is going to work, it’s going to work well and is going to make you money, and yeah if you’re interested in the product click that link down there that’ll. Take you directly to my bonus page, which is this one.

Click on the orange tabs over here. Any of them will take you to the sales page, which is that one there and that’ll take you directly to the product and the bonuses guys if you’ve got any questions. Don’t forget to e-mail us at to claim your bonuses, and if you have any other questions. Thank you so much for reading my review and I will see you guys on the next one cool. Take care, cheers! Again, here is the bonus page, check everything, click any of the three orange tabs, register with your name & email, purchase from the sales page & don’t forget to e-mail us & claim your bonuses! All success! Jonathan @ ShopMarketingApps

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