Brandfy Review – The Good And Ugly Things

Are you tired of LOSING MONEY to find the right High Converting Graphics for Branding, Social Media, Videos or Ad Banners?

If you said “yes”, it means Brandfy is the RIGHT product that you are looking for.

What is Brandfy?

Brandfy is a new cloud technology but simple to use graphics software that helps anyone, especially the newbies, to create stunning graphics with professionalism in minutes.

Brandfy Review - The Good And Ugly Things

Why is Brandfy so cool?

Brandfy is the perfect platform for graphics creation. With Brandfy anyone cand be a graphic designer.

You can access it any time and it comes with the most amazing features that allow your imagination to be free and to create a perfect and authentic graphic, for you, your business or your clients.

With Brandfy you have any design you need for your website or social media, video, ads and many more, at your fingers.
Moreover, there are ready-to-use templates for quick and stunning results. These templates can be used and also modified according to your own wishes.

Brandfy Review - The Good And Ugly Things

So, here is what you can do with this gorgeous Brandfy:

-Business Card
-Slogan Generator

Social Media:
-Square Image

-Image Ads
-Square Ad

Video Marketing:
Youtube Thumbnail

-Product Presentation

How are the prices?
All these above are ready for you to use at just $24,95 One Time Payment very limited time. Just click here to see Brandfy and you’ll get instant access to everything.

Brandfy Review - The Good And Ugly Things

Prices reveal the high quality and the top graphics packed in one cool product- Brandfy- that you can have it, right now.
Also, there is a Pro version of Brandfy.

Pro version comes with a new and professionally package, every month. I recommend it to you if you need periodically to create new and cool stuff.
So, if you love to do great graphics and you want to receive, every month, NEW and COOL TOOLS such as: templates, backgrounds and elements, this means PRO BRANDFY is MADE FOR YOU.

Moreover, PRO will impress you with Image Cropper, that will ease your work in the cropping process and guarantees you will not lose money in search of the right people to make your ideal graphics for you.

Unlimited access to Cloud Files. Cloud Files Technology enables you to store all the files you created complete automat.

All these pro features will save your time because it provides you the full package every month with everything you need. Now, at just $27 Every Month.

How does it work?

-Select Live Builder or Use Templates (If you choose- Use Templates- there different types of ready-to-use templates and you can customize according to your needs. If you choose- Live Builder- you can create that graphic that you want from scratch and you have all the package you need, like a professional graphic designer);
-Add text and customize it;
-Choose or upload image/choose icon, then customize them;
-Download the graphics created, with just one click.

What do i like the most?

You can enjoy this wonderful tool- LIVE BUILDER- that offers the greatest opportunity to create something new and authentic, to attract the attention of as many customers as possible.

This option – Live Builder- contains:

– A different professional background that you can customize with the color you want.
-Text- here you write the text that you need, then you can choose the font, style, and the color.
-Images- here you can upload something that you like or you can use the Brandfy images which are stunning. These images can be customized due to image filters such as: Grayscale, Invert, RemoveWhite, Sepia, Sepia2, Blur, Emboss.
-Icons which are grouped into the following categories: Arrows, Business, Dialogue, Emoticons, Security, Sports
-Export/ Save

With this Live Builder you can create the coolest graphics as you wish, starting from scratch, but having everything available like the greatest graphic designer.

What I didn’t like at Brandfy?

Brandfy also offers a Pro version with more pro backgrounds and elements and templates, every month, so you will have so many possibilities to choose from, so you will not know what to pick.

My verdict

Brandfy is a designing software tool that is high-quality and easy-to-use.

So, the best way to convince yourself that Brandfy is so marvellous is to simply buy it now at a Special Launch Price for just one-time payment and enjoy the combination of simplicity and professionalism combined in an authentic way.

Brandfy Review - The Good And Ugly Things

What are the prices?

$27- For A Very Limited Time, One Time Investment Today – No Monthly Fees

Only $27/Month- You can Get INSTANT Access to Brandfy PRO with Templates Club

Check out Brandfy now!

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