Thumbnail Blaster Review – We Just Designed Our First Personalized Youtube Thumbnail With It

Thumbnail Blaster Review

We at just found something pretty cool and started to apply it immediately for our Youtube channel. These days, attention-grabbing thumbnails are credited as the first factor that has a great impact on the click-through rate.

The reality is that creating a high-quality thumbnail is not an easy task which often takes you much time, especially you have no experience.

If you choose to outsource this task to any freelance designer, you also have to wait for the freelancers to create it – sometimes up to a day or even a week and prepare to pay some big bucks for it. And you will not need just one. You may need dozens or as we need, hundreds.

This being said, today I want to show you a brand new solution system called Thumbnail Blaster which makes it easy for you to create beautiful and high converting thumbnails in just 3 steps.

Since you are probably visiting this page to know more about Thumbnail Blaster, why do not you take a look at ShopMarketingApps’ Thumbnail Blaster Review to learn more?

Thumbnail Blaster Review
Thumbnail Blaster Product Suite

Vendor:Blaster Software
Product:Thumbnail Blaster
Launch Date:2019-Apr-29
Upgrades AvailableYes
Skill:All Levels
Front-End Price:$27
Recommend:Highly recommend
Guarantee:30 days money back guarantee

Thumbnail Blaster Review – What Is Thumbnail Blaster?

Thumbnail Blaster is a brand new, AI-based app which makes it easy for you to create attention-grabbing, stunning thumbnails for any types of videos with no more than 3 easy steps.

Thumbnail Blaster Review – Feature Details

Today in our Thumbnail Blaster Review, we want to show what you get when you purchase:

  • Easy To Use

Thumbnail Blaster gives you the chance to create attention-grabbing, stunning thumbnails without any Photoshop experience or other complicated designing tools needed

  • Drag and Drop

You will have the ability to drag and drop anything, resize, change text and fonts, colors, layouts and entire color themes, insert new elements with the push of a button. It means that you can customize everything without any design skills needed!

  • A Library Of Over 100 Stunning Templates

It comes with general templates and click-bait templates. It means that you can feel free to use any templates you want for any NICHE

  • Design Elements

You no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars on designing elements and stock photos. You covered with its constantly growing library of high-quality elements and images.

  • Publish To YouTube

It is easy for you to instantly publish your new, attention-grabbing thumbnail in just one button!

  • Automatic Creation

Thumbnail Blaster gives you all the automation features you need to get 3X more views, traffic and leads.

In the video below is our experience in creating the first personalized thumbnail for our Youtube channel.

Here we show you how we linked ShopMarketingApps’ Youtube account to Thumbnail Blaster so the thumbnails created to be automatically added to our channel.

Thumbnail Blaster is the only AI-based software that will create attention-grabbing & click pulling thumbnails for any video with literally 3 clicks!

Thumbnail Blaster Review

Step 1. Select Template or let the AI choose a template for you

Thumbnail Blaster Review

Step 2. Click, edit, customize or let the AI customize the template for you

Thumbnail Blaster Review

Step 3. Publish & Enjoy Literally one click, it’s that easy!

Thumbnail Blaster Review

Thumbnail Blaster has a lot of great modules, but now we are going to show you the main module first. We are going to instruct you how to create a stunning thumbnail for your video.

This tool requires you to add your Youtube account to it and we just showed you this step.

Step 1. Select the video from your account;

Step 2. Select your template by keyword or start making your own thumbnail from scratch ;

If you select to make your own template from scratch, it will default thumbnail for your existing video and you have to customize it;

There is a searching box for you, so you can type your keyword to find the best possible thumbnail for your video.

Step 3. Pick up one random template and customize it;

Step 4. Now you can publish your thumbnail to your video.

Other modules from Thumbnail Blaster:

1. AI Analyze Image:

This module allows you to upload your thumbnail from your computer or use your image link or use your Youtube video link and it helps you analyze everything about your thumbnail;

2. Split Test:

This module allows you to make split test for your 2 thumbnails per video.

It means this software will change the thumbnail and record the stats for you, and then it will pick the winning thumbnail.

Just select your Youtube account and then use the button “Change Thumbnail A, B” to select thumbnails from your computer and start making the split test.

Who Should Use It?

Thumbnail Blaster is created especially for Video Marketers, Email Marketers, Social Media Marketers, Designers, SEO marketers, MMO and will be able to convert creating personalized thumbnails into a local agency without putting too much time and effort.


Easy to use
100% Cloud-based. No software to install
The A.I. Thumbnail Creator
Simply click to drag and drop elements.
Generate high-class Thumbnails in just 3 clicks
Over 100 thumbnail templates
An extensive library of design elements!
Drag-and-drop editor


We didn’t find out any cons related effectiveness of Thumbnail Blaster yet.

Thumbnail Blaster Review – User experience
In our Thumbnail Blaster Review today, we want to mention that Thumbnail Blaster is a useful tool since this design tool makes it easy for you to create your own stunning thumbnails without any experienced designers or complex tools required. By doing this , you can save $50-$100 for a single thumbnail.

It comes with every stunning template for all of the niches so you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on design elements and stock photos.

So with Thumbnail Blaster, you can get more traffic, more views, and more subscribers as well as higher rankings

Thumbnail Blaster Review – Evaluation & Price
Since Thumbnail Blaster gives you everything you need that under one roof, you can say goodbye to expensive designers and unreliable freelancers. You can have the ability to easily create attention-grabbing thumbnails with Thumbnail Blaster. So we highly recommend you to give it a go.

Now, you can buy Front end Thumbnail Blaster with $27 only with the one-time payment. In our opinion, it is worth every penny of you to buy this product since it is packed a lot of valuable automation features. (the price may be different at the moment you are reading this review).

Thumbnail Blaster has 1 Front-End and 4 Upgraded as below (the pricing of upgrades can be different at the moment you analize this offer).

Thumbnail Blaster Review

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